January Newsletter

January 2024

Happy New Year! 2024 is already here! 

For the past few years I have prayed about what God would want our vision for the next year to be. It is an exciting time as we press in to hear closely what He wants for this ministry and for us. This year we are believing in God for Build~Repair~Prosper from 2 Chronicles 14:7. King Asa was a Godly king who turned Israel back to God. He built fortified cities and focused on God and the Bible says that Asa built and prospered. I believe that as we fix our eyes on God and concentrate on growing the kingdom…His church…His people, we will prosper. There are some specific areas where we are believing God to grow us this year. At times it is a bit daunting but if we could do it on our own we would not need faith. 

As the new year starts so do our schools here in Kenya. It has been a stressful few weeks for sure. We decided to rent a building near our Khayega Path4Life Academy that had previously been used for a school and add additional grades. It brought some frustrations in the village where our church/school is but we continued to move forward. In many villages in Western Kenya, when someone starts to grow, people get jealous and plan evil against that person who is growing. God really stood with us and we are now ready to open the new part of the school on Monday. There were some renovations that needed to be done but thankfully they are finishing today. Path4Life Academy will have 2 campuses which also brings some challenges but once we have transitioned we will enjoy the extra space. We have hired additional teachers and were excited to welcome students this past Wednesday. Shibuli Digital Academy opened on Tuesday and welcomed students in class. We are thankful that some of the teachers returned. Like any new school year we always have to replace some teachers. The students had smiles on their faces as they came into school. Even though it is incredibly stressful, watching the smiling faces makes it all worth it. It is our prayer that we have a wonderful year where we can not only educate these students but we can introduce them to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

In the next week or two we will identify students who are more vulnerable and need help with school fees. There are so many students that need help. Stay tuned to our website in the next few weeks and you can pick a child to sponsor. You can also contact me specifically to find out more details. You really impact the life of a child in need as well as their family by ensuring that that child is educated. Many of our kids live with their grandparents who have had little to no education. We are impacting this area one child at a time. Last year we had several of you sponsor a child or two. Watching these kids walk into school with their new uniform and shoes and having them sit in class confident that they will not be sent home because of school fees is such a beautiful thing to see. They know that someone on the other side of the world, that they will likely never meet, cares about them. Thank you so much. 

While schools were on break, our main cook in Shibuli school was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had surgery and will start chemotherapy next week but the Drs are confident she will recover nicely.  Please pray for her as she heals. Everlyn’s husband died several years ago leaving her with children to raise and educate. Without her working it has been a real struggle for her. Everlyn has a son in 8th Grade who really needs a sponsor. She is also the sister to Dr. Moses who we partner with for the hospital and Shibuli school so that makes her extra special to us. 

Thanks to a donation from RAO Roofing in Grant Michigan and another donation in honor of Louise Boom from her family, we have been able to start the roof on our mission home. The lumber is slowly being made into trusses on site and placed on the roof. It is exciting to watch! This week Nelson went to Nairobi and purchased all the steel we will need for the roof. Because of theft, he traveled with the steel home. It is common for the transportation people to switch the product or the company who makes the steel delivers different steel of less quality on the truck. Then you are stuck with what is brought. The steel that he picked will be beautiful. Next will be the windows/doors then the home will be a little more secure. After that the electrical, plumbing. Plastering and finishing the home. We still have a long way to go but as we trust God we are watching the home step by step and believe we will move in when God says it is time. Thanks to those of you who have given to our mission home. You are really making a difference. 

The new year also brings all the licenses we need for each part of our ministry. Both schools, hospital and Nelson's shop all need licenses to operate for the new year. In addition to those licenses, we are also working diligently at getting both schools registered with the government and continuing to work on getting the hospital compliant to accept insurance. These things take time and are not easy to get especially if you don't want to pay a bribe to make people do their job. 

Dr. Moses has noticed that some patients are unable to pay and others are not coming in to be treated. A few weeks ago, he commented that some have died because of the inability to be treated. So sad to hear that. Please continue to pray for Dr. Moses and Rose the nurse who have dedicated their life to treating patients. 

Nelson and I are so thankful to each of you. For your prayers, encouragement, your and financial support. Without you, nothing would be done here in Kenya. I think we make a wonderful team! I wish each of you could see first hand the difference you are making here. There is no way I can adequately describe what happens each day but God knows. Maybe someday you can also come and see for yourself. (Hint hint) haha. 

Reminder that we are now a non-profit registered with the state of Michigan. Each gift is tax deductible. Path4Life is no longer with WorldOutreach. Please continue to support this ministry. All donations can be sent to our paypal at: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=3D5657SFWU4FA

It is possible to set up automatic withdrawals through PayPal.

You can also send a check to:

Theresa VanderArk (indicate on the memo Path4Life)

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Some of you have been sending through Sendwave and that is also totally acceptable. 

Let's keep sharing Jesus with the people of Kenya together. Together is better!

Have a great month!

Nelson and Michelle

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